Casavacanze Bretulla is surrounded by the rolling Tuscan countryside where you can cut days in mountain bike for all tastes with flat paths along the river suitable for families and principiantii, or go look for forest paths where the most critical of cyclists can train and play.

A few kilometers from the Via Francigena you can walk the streets of the bishop Sigerico.

With our patner we can offer you many types of tour packages in mtb with guides suited to all types of cyclists, dall'agonista tourists.

Also you have the opportunity to ask the bike hire and find directly at the casavacanze your rental bikes customized and adapted to your needs.

We can offer more kinds of tours thanks to our shuttle service that will allow you to organize a day in mtb with return to the base drive van.

Our commitment starts with a detailed research of roads and trails that can entertain you 100%, always abbinandoci finding local gastronomic details and sought to match the bike also good food with local produce.

Contact us for any kind of package and we will provide a detailed schedule