Do you want to turn the central area of ​​Tuscany in motion with guided excursions to the many on-off streets in our area?

casavacanze Bretulla you can organize whole days moving on-off road, even with enduro tours, thanks to decades of collaboration in Moto & Adventure we will offer a search service where driving is suitable for all types of motocliclisti.

-enduro off road.

-maxi enduro off-road for the many dirt roads that surround us.

-on the road to the streets less known but no less beautiful and scenic.

Our commitment starts with a detailed research of roads and trails that can entertain you 100%, always abbinandoci research of local food and wine special and refined to match the motorcycle also good food with local produce.

You can do any kind of request and we will be able to offer the ideal solution to your package tour.

For all lovers of the bike online offroad, Bretulla The condo is the perfect place to spend a pleasant holiday or a short weekend!